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  • Lead Medical Technologist

    Niobrara Health and Life Center is seeking a full time Lead Medical Technologist for its facility in Lusk, Wyoming. The Lead Medical Technologist will perform waived, moderate, and high complexity testing to ensure adequate operation of laboratory services at Niobrara Health and Life Center.
    Job Duties:

    • Conduct Venipuncture and Arterial Collection, hematological tests and urinalyses, chemical analyses, and microbiological and serological tests.
    • Accomplishes general medical laboratory duties: 
      • Takes all necessary precautions (uses universal precautions) to maintain safe conditions in the laboratory for both patients and laboratory personnel. 
      • Performs preventative maintenance procedures on laboratory equipment. 
      • Performs, evaluates and interprets laboratory quality control procedures.   
      • Prepares reagents and controls for use in test performance.
      • Prepares specimens for shipment to reference laboratories; processes outgoing specimens for medical laboratory analyses in other facilities. 
    • Educate patients and families as to the nature of procedures.
    • Communicate the state of laboratory functions to the Laboratory Manger on a regular basis.
    • Make recommendations and participate in the planning, organization and coordination of the overall operation of the Laboratory Department.
    • Establish, review and revise laboratory policies and assurance procedures, and communicate changes to staff.
    • Train and ensure staff complies with HIPAA regulations, safety regulations, department and institutional policies, procedures, and regulations, and use of personal protective equipment. 
    • Train, supervise and assist in the evaluation of work performance of department staff and all other laboratory staff including other Medical Technologists, Medical Laboratory Technicians, lab technicians and phlebotomists.
    • Assist the Laboratory Manager in developing work performance standards.
    • Ensure appropriate staff coverage and workloads.
    • Maintain continuing education credits and monitor staffs’ continuing education credits.
    • Maintain American Medical Technologist Certification.
    • Review equipment and instrument contracts.
    • Review patient reports and billing charges to assure appropriate patient care.
    • Submit the necessary laboratory surveys, quality control and calibration verifications for review as required. 
    • Consult and maintain a relationship with the State of Wyoming Public Health Officials.
    • Ensure the appropriate disease state statistics are reported as required. 
    • Provide technical expertise as needed or requested.
    • Perform Blood Banking duties
    • Available to work on some nights and weekends.
    • The job will generally be performed 98% of the time in doors with minimal outside exposure unless the individual is required to move between buildings on the NHLC campus. 
    • Be eligible for Basic Life Support Certificate within 6 months of hire.
    • This position spends 80% of their working day standing, walking, kneeling, or bending over. 
    • The individual is expected to be able to lift up to fifty (50) pounds using proper body mechanics.  The ability to reach overhead is also important.  Personal protective equipment is used as needed.

    Education and Experience Requirements:

    • Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Technology or related fields.
    • 48 months of laboratory experience as a Medical Technologist or related position. 
    • A national accredited certification for a Medical Technologist is required.

    Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:

    • Experience in reviewing equipment and instrument contracts.
    • Reading, writing, and understanding English are required.  
    • Experience in following advances in laboratory technology. 
    • Experience in using Microsoft Excel and Word programs. 
    • Experience in demonstrating rules for safe exposure and handling of chemical and biological hazards. 

    Drug Free Workplace – Drug Test Required

    To apply go to:  http://www.niobrarahospital.com/jobs.asp. Please submit application to the attention of Ms. Heather Goddard.

  • Position Title: Housekeeper
  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
  • Full Time Cook
  • Assistant Director of Nursing

For more information, please contact the NHLC Human Resources Director at (307) 334-4000.

Download a position application form:

NHLC Position Application Form (Microsoft Word Format)   NHLC Position Application Form
Microsoft Word Format
          NHLC Position Application Form (Adobe PDF Format)   NHLC Position Application Form
Adobe PDF Format

All position applications must be faxed or mailed to NHLC. Sorry, we do not accept electronic copies. If mailing your application: Niobrara Health and Life Center, P.O. Box 780, Lusk, WY 82225; If submitting it by fax: (307) 334-0124.

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